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     Legion of Heroes is a non-profit organization I run to inspire middle and high schoolers to read the Classics with an eye towards the relevance of these epics to our modern world. I mentor these kids on the concept of “What Makes a Good Life?”, through stories. Stories from Ancient Greek, Roman, and Vedic mythology and their inherent values and philosophy. I aim to empower my students to apply these values in their life and hope to inspire them to study Classics/Latin in high school and maybe beyond. It also aims to provide Classical language education to those who cannot afford or gain access to learning Latin.

     Each class centers around a mythical hero from ancient Greece or Rome, like Hercules, Odysseus, Perseus, and Arjuna to name a few. Followed by a group discussion or an art project or creative storytelling. Later, my students begin to introspect and draw parallels from the stories to possible situations in today’s world.

     I emphasize the importance of actions, like holding the door open for someone, taking out the garbage without being asked, complimenting a classmate, though small in nature can actually make a difference. The class ends on a note where the students realize one doesn’t need superpowers to be a hero, just an empathetic heart. 

     Ever heard of the word eudaimonia? A Greek word which Aristotle explained as the condition of human flourishing, the highest human good. Aristotle said, having virtue means doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, in the right amount, towards the right people. Being virtuous means knowing exactly what to do. Which makes virtue a quality centered between two vices: deficiency and excess. In other words doing the virtous thing with wisdom. Every class at Legion of Heroes works towards teaching this concept of eudaimonia.

-Maanuv Allu

Mentoring the curious minds to explore the world of Ancient Epics, Classics, and Latin with contemporary relevance.

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