My Story – My Inspiration

     Myths, Legends, Tales, Fables – stories of different kinds have been there forever. Stories provide a timeless connection to our past, present, and future.  Through stories we experience the emotions of happiness, sadness, or fear. My passion for the ancient epics and myths started early on. Bedtime stories from Indian epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata read by my mom, books from Syosset library on Hercules, Odysseus, and other Greco-Roman heroes, and of course the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series fueled my imagination. 

     Heroes are the ubiquitous protagonists found in most stories from any culture. Such stories regardless of which culture, eastern or western, serve the purpose of showing us a moral objective. I admire Joseph Campbell’s ability to deconstruct all these ancient stories into a simple yet universal theory: the monomyth. Applying this theory to any movie I watched became my obsession, from The Lion King to The Life of Pi. They all seemed to fit right into this theory. An ordinary person receives a call to adventure, meets a mentor, proceeds on a journey facing ordeals and monsters along the way, and is rewarded for accomplishing the goal, finally returning home with a renewed spirit. 

     My inspiration to start this club however came from the book – Make Your Bed, written by Adm. William McRaven. A small book yet packs a big punch in delivering the message on how little things can change your life and may be the world. Applying my inspiration to Campbell’s theory, I took my first step out of my comfort zone to start the club, and set forth on a journey to mentor others to become heroes in a small way. 

     Taking stories from Greek, Roman, and Vedic mythologies in each class, I try to highlight how every hero starts off as an ordinary person and then steps out of his status quo to go on a call for adventure full of ordeals and then finally returns home as a better person because of the lessons learned from the journey. It’s a cyclical path that we all go through in our lives unless we refuse to act on the call to adventure. Stories are what keep us mindful of all the human interactions possible. A great story can change someone’s life, hence I use these stories to inspire and motivate young minds to do good and be nice. What better way to do this then through stories?

                                                                        – Maanuv Allu


Mentoring the curious minds to explore the world of Ancient Epics, Classics, and Latin with contemporary relevance.

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